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Alsia Soiset L.M.P. & Master Qigong Teacher


I bring more than 22 years of experience to my massage practice.  Each client receives an individualized treatment that reflects their concerns and needs.  Using my knowledge of the energy system, lymphatic and muscular system I am able to see patterns of stagnation.  We work together on releasing those problem areas so that the body and mind feel unified and relaxed.  

Healing modalities: deep tissue, cranial sacral, lymphatic massage, pregnancy massage, Qigong energy work, and hot stone massage, massage with hot peat pack on areas of pain and inflammation. 

Each session is unique and usually a blend of techniques specific to the clients needs. 



As well as being a massage therapist, I am also a Master Qigong teacher.  I have been studying Qigong for more than nine years with the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School.  I incorporate my understand of energy, meridians, breath and movement into my massage practice as well as teaching classes to groups of students.

Qigong combines breath with movement while developing an individual’s awareness and focus.  Incorporated into these forms are healing sounds and hand movements that are designed to help reawaken the pathways for energy to move within the body.  This awakening offers a way to reestablish the connection between mind and body and the connection to the universe.

Qigong maintains our health, helps release energy blockages that are caused by stress, helps control the emotional body, and harmonizes the heart and mind.  Practice of Qigong helps us find stillness.  This stillness brings us closer to our true nature.



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