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Alsia Soiset, L.M.P. & Master Qigong Teacher

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Went to Seattle Massage School in 1996, Graduated and Licensed in 1997.  I have been practicing ever since then.  I spent some time working in Beverly Hills on the rich and famous and I am glad to say I am happy that I have returned home to the Northwest.

Began studies with Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School in 2009 and my plans are to continue learning new qigong and tuina forms indefinately.  Completed my initial two years of study and was awarded the title of Healing Qigong Teacher.  Now given the title of Master Qigong instructor after 6 plus years of study, practice and healing. I  have finally worked towards the illustrious title of Master Qigong teacher which will took me a total of 6 years, and a 1,000+ hours of study and practice.

I love what I do as a healer and teacher.  I want each of my clients to leave my office or class feeling changed in a way that leads them to greater depth and health.

I am a massage therapist because I see it as a way to incorporate the mind, body and spirit into a complete form of healing.  As I have progressed in my life and with my studies of qigong I have learned that true healing is when I can help someone return to their true nature and they can access for themselves deep and lasting change.

I am an artist, but I have not been formally trained.  When you come to my office you will be surrounded by my paintings, digital art, photography and altars that I have created.   My art website is

And of course just to complete my eclectic set of skills I am also an ordained minister. I have performed weddings for friends and people who wish to have a special ceremony. I enjoy doing this for people who wish to have a more intimate experience.

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